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Mad Dog Support T-Shirts


SUPPORTERS....Now You Can Ride with Pride

Official Mad Dog M.C Support T-Shirts

All T-shirts available in S/M/L/XL sizes


Black Short Sleeve T-Shirts   - Item:T0001

Black Long Sleeve T-Shirts   - Item: T0002

Black Sleeveless T-Shirt          -Item T0003


White Short Sleeve T-Shirt    T0004

White Long Sleeve T-Shirt  T0005

White Sleeveless T-Shirt   T0006


Grey Short Sleeve T-Shirt   T0007

Grey Long Sleeve T-Shirt  T0008

Grey Sleeveless T-Shirt   T0009


Price:  PHP 500 each, or US $ 15  + shipping/handling


  Mad Dog Motorcycle Club, Inc, the Dog Head colors, font, and rockers are copy right trade marks owned exclusively by the Mad Dog Motorcycle Club Incorporated, and are duly registered in  United States, Philippines, Thailand, Japan and various other countries.  As such, they are protected by international law.  Reprint or other use is prohibited without expressed written consent of MDMC, Inc..